True Stories of Kidnappings

Life in Haiti is another reality. That sad reality came closer to home since the kidnapping of the 2-year-old son of a well-respected leader in our church. That case is still not closed, so keep praying.

Below, you will find a few stories of kidnappings that I have heard since my first trip. Some sad, some sadder, some miraculous, and some kinda funny. I may be mixing in details from other stories, but I’m at least sure that the individual details are true.

fyi: i just spent a good hour or so compiling stories, then lost them, so here are a few of what i had originally tried to send. unfortunately they may be shorter than they were originally.

Bittersweet ending: An elementary school girl was kidnapped as soon as she was dropped off for school. She was placed in a police officers car (yeah, police…). Luckily, the officer had to step away for a moment (perhaps not to be suspicious). In that moment, the little girl pulled out her cell phone and called her mom for help. Her mom came running up to the squad car making a huge commotion. The police officer became frantic and quickly opened up the car and returned the girl. He said that he saw her in danger and put her in there for protection. I don’t know if justice ever knocked on that officer’s door.

Miraculous Ending: Two young children, the only children of their mother, were kidnapped at the same time. When their mother realized it, she dropped to her knees crying out in prayer. Probably about an hour later they were still on the road. Suddenly, the kidnappers became terrified for no apparent reason. The car came to a halt and they hurried the children out of the car with urgency in their voices. Then they sped off. Immediately after the children were dropped off, a “stranger” showed up and helped them get home.

Sad Ending: (feel free to skip this one). A teenaged girl in our church was kidnapped a couple years ago. She recognized someone that she knew among the kidnappers. Acknowledging this was her mistake. As the ringleader was negotiating with her mother on the phone, she cried out, “Please, you know my mom, she’s always been so good to you.” The leader put down the phone (without hanging up), turned to the girl and hits her hard twice (seemingly to bust out her eyes), and says, “apparently you see too much.” The mother gets the money together as quickly as she can. Sadly, after the delivery, the kidnappers directed her to a place where she can pick up her daughter’s dead body. They don’t usually take chances with people they know. The girl’s mother was granted assylum in France.

Really Sad Ending: (if you didn’t like the last one, please don’t read this one). A child of a poor family was kidnapped and the family wasn’t able to come up with the money after everything that they tried. Finally, the kidnappers “agreed” to accept part of the money. Once the delivery was complete, the kidnappers got angry and told the family where they can pick up “part of” their child…

What-the-heck Kinda Story: A police officer that attends our church was kidnapped (off-duty, no weapon). At a time when crime against police officers was high, the kidnappers were rediculously nice to him. It took awhile for him to “warm-up” to them, but they sat around and joked with him, gave him their good food, bought purified water for him, and when it was all over, they sent him home without a word. Most “pro” kidnappers don’t work without police, so they were probably looking for a friend on the inside. I don’t what has happened to them since, but this officer wasn’t a very good friend.

Sad Reality: A family arranged a “self-kidnapping” to con their rich uncle into sending some money to them from the U.S. I don’t remember if it worked or not, but it ended up breaking some family ties.

The Life of a Haitian Criminal: I heard this one today. A kidnapper was released from prison today. Why? Apparently while he was being arrested, he was a little belligerant, so the officer had to put him in his place (physical force). Using that (calling it brutality), and his connection to a police chief (he’s married to the chief’s cousin), and probably a little bit of American “green play-doh” he bought a get-out-of-jail-free card. Now, that’s the kind of thing that makes you wanna kick someone in the nuts.

Funny Story: A rebellious teenaged girl was upset at the fact that her boyfriend was no longer aloud to come around. She convinced her boyfriend to “kidnap” her so they could take a little vacation together. While her parents ran around frantic for five days, trying to figure out what to do, she was out with her dream-boy. She came back on her own, trying to look a little disheveled and mistreated, but she couldn’t keep her story straight. Her parents eventually found out the truth and they were pissed. I don’t know what happened after that, but I’m sure that it was awhile before she saw the light of day.

Victorious Story: A woman in our church was kidnapped (on her way to church). She fought the kidnappers so hard that they got tired of her and dropped her off. She walked on to church as if nothing happened.

Unfortunately, I have more stories. I may post some of the ones I cut out later. As I said before, keep praying for Fr. ChaCha, his 2-year-old son, and his family.

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