I’m Giving Birth (Not to a Baby)

For those of you have have endured the 9 months of silence from my blogs and actually wondering what I’ve been up to, let’s just say that I’m about to give birth to some new things.

It has been an interesting period of transition for me and my beautiful new wifey. It has all been wonderful between her and me (I highly recommend marriage ;-). We’ve endured many interesting challenges in Haiti and we are coming out on top.  God has been VERY good to us, always with us just like he said. We now stand ready for the next adventure.

Haiti has also been going through some interesting transitions, as I’m sure you have heard. I’m very optimistic about the whole thing.  God really is about to do a new thing here.  I can feel it in my bones.  I am eager to be involved in this new thing, in whatever way God chooses to use me… but of course I always give Him a few suggestions and preferences :-).

I’ll be doing some renovations to this blog and hoping to be more regular in my updates.  There is so much to update you on about the past and there is so much to say about the quickly coming future.  Nine months (40-weeks) are almost up, so pray that this baby (the blog & more) comes on her due date ;-).  I hope you’ll be interested in following along as I share my story and the story of the world that I live in.


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About Junior Bataille

Proud Haitian Citizen, Nationalist, Businessman, Husband, Christ-Follower, Beekeeper. Dedicated to the transformation of MY nation. http://jgbataille.wordpress.com

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  1. junior, way to pull a trick!! you had me at “giving birth” only to find out it’s not a real baby!

    miss you both! ekta

  2. I would like to point out, with no small bit of irony, that you were always getting those “pregnant” prophetic words or symbolism when we were at Duke too. As an outsider to those situations, I find it hilarious yet insightful as a descriptive term. :D

    So, you’ve gone from “pregnant” to “giving birth”. That is, I’m sure, a very interesting transition.

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